B2B Link Building Essentials for SEO Webinar

06.21.21 // Graham McConnell

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0:00 An intro to the Essential Guide of Link Building for SEO

0:47 Why we build links

12:50 Types link building

14:08 Partner Links

16:30 Unlinked mentions

18:40 Outreach

21:40 Ideating content topics

24:23 Link prospecting

27:18 Qualifying link prospects

37:16 Reporting on link building

40:18 Takeaways

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Graham is the Director of Marketing here at Obility and has been with us since October 2014. He was awarded the prestigious Obility MVP 2017 award for his incredible contributions and positive attitude. Graham is also the office's unofficial movie/music guru with his endless knowledge and supply of entertainment. View all Graham McConnell’s posts >