Technical B2B SEO

Generate High Quality Leads and Increase Sales from Organic Traffic

Technical SEO and SEO compliance are essential to effectively rank and drive traffic to your website. We look to generate high quality leads from search engine traffic. We focus on the keywords that are going to drive all stages of the buying cycle, not just top of funnel. By looking at lead quality and opportunity generated from organic traffic, we are able to focus on the keywords that are going to drive marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales opportunities. As part of our inbound marketing solution, Obility focuses on technical SEO for B2B companies.

B2B SEO Solutions

Obility provides recommendations for onsite content, strategies for content marketing, and site changes for technical SEO. Our SEO objectives align with our clients. As Google regularly changes its ranking algorithm, semantic data is better utilized by search engines, and mobile search continues to increase, you need to focus on the technical aspects of your SEO campaigns.