Content Marketing

Increase Organic Traffic and Sales with Content Marketing Solutions

Content marketing and the inbound links that come from content marketing are essential for a successful inbound marketing campaign.

Obility’s content marketing solution begins with identifying best-fit target publications to publish content. Obility initially creates a list of target publications in our Offsite Strategy Roadmap. Obility reviews competitor link profiles and link profiles of sites ranking for your target keywords. Obility then expands this list using media buying tools and display planning. Following creation of a large target list, Obility will review SEO aspects of each publication including domain strength, content relevance, and links per page to provide SEO recommendations around publication targets. Once target publications are agreed upon, Obility can focus on content creation.

Relevant & Compelling

Creating highly relevant, compelling content geared toward your buyer personas is essential to successful content marketing. Obility initially focuses on creating a list of compelling blog post and article titles and abstracts. Based off this list, Obility will work directly with you and publications to identify articles of interest. By allowing publications to hand-pick articles, Obility saves you valuable time by only focusing on content creation with a high chance of success. Once content has been created, Obility will provide you with publisher feedback and update content until a target publications agrees to publish your article or blog post. Once published, Obility will ensure the publication links to a target SEO page on your site as part of a byline or within the thought leadership post or article.

Better SEO Traffic and More Leads

Finally, content marketing, needs promotion, and Obility works with you to promote via social media and other demand generation channels. Obility’s content marketing service provides a combination of strong inbound links to your SEO pages, exposure to a highly relevant audience, and marketing and sales collateral you can use to push prospects down the sales funnel. As a result, you should see increased organic visibility for your site, increased referral traffic from target publications, and more leads from your content marketing efforts.