Content marketing can have a significant impact on your marketing efforts, but it’s not as simple as you may think. The key is creating content—blog posts, white papers, industry reports and analysis, case studies, and more—specifically to coincide with your other marketing campaigns, with relevant keywords and audience targeting. Pair that with advanced testing and tracking metrics to accurately measure its impact and make improvements.

Working with a proven B2B content marketing agency means you get all the expertise we’ve picked up from past campaigns. We’ll analyze your current content marketing efforts, identify areas where it can be improved to be more relevant and compelling, and provide additional thought leadership to support your campaigns.

With strong content marketing supplementing your other marketing efforts, you’ll get more qualified leads at a lower cost per lead.

Promote your thought leadership content to your target audience.


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Existing customers of your competitors are great potential prospects; they have already been sold on the need for a solution similar to your offering and are likely pre-qualified because they can afford your competitors’ product. They also make good targets because they are likely in the solution search stage and actively seeking a product like yours.

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Competitor Targeting will help you:

  • Utilize search, social, & retargeting to reach competitors’ customers
  • Take advantage of your competitors’ branding
  • Quickly identify high qualified leads

This guide identifies over a dozen tactics to reach your competitors’ customers and prospects. Follow the simple outlined strategies to start marketing to your competitors’ customers today. Simply fill out the form to download the free guide to competitor targeting. Please read Obility’s privacy policy before proceeding to download content.

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