• Conversion Tracking: Google Ads vs. Analytics

    Conversions are the lifeblood of any successful PPC campaign. The proper tracking of conversions is critical to understanding what users are doing on the website and essential for creating efficiencies with our PPC spend. There are two different methods of tracking conversions: 1. Using the Google Ads conversion code 2. Importing goals from Google Analytics […]

  • Facebook Audiences Using GTM: Return vs New Website Visitors

    With all B2B marketing strategy, remarketing is a part that cannot be ignored, especially with ads on social media. In order to see the best results, we need to be able to fine-tune our remarketing audiences and target people at various levels of intent. The best strategies will reach people who are the most likely […]

  • Creating Data-Driven Remarketing Audiences

    Remarketing campaigns can be critical in driving high value leads from past website visitors, especially in B2B where customers might need to visit the page multiple times before they are ready to talk to a sales representative.  Creating the right website audiences then become incredibly important to filter out the various levels of user intent. […]