• Google Ads Removal of Average Position Does a Service to Advertisers

    If I am going to admonish Google for its many, many failings when it comes to looking out for advertisers, I should commend Google when it does something in the best interest of advertisers. In late February, Google announced the impending sunset of average position. Unlike other instances where Google has taken away data (most […]

  • Obility Acquires Haatzama Marketing

    Obility was founded on a simple idea: companies with longer sales cycles, business-to-business companies in particular, should be better served by search engine marketing agencies. We began running paid search campaigns for companies like Marketo, where lead quality and pipeline generated were paramount.  During these early years, we created a system that optimized “backend” performance […]

  • LinkedIn Campaign Groups – What Are They Good For?

    LinkedIn Campaign Groups are an odd duck. None of the other major ad networks utilize campaign groups, and their existence may signal Microsoft is not a strong proponent of combining Bing & LinkedIn ad interfaces (as Google has done with YouTube). Campaign Groups also don’t separate functionality much from campaigns. Both campaigns and campaign groups […]

  • We Want Examples

    Great Lead Gen Content Invoca: Emotion Wins: What Customers Expect in the Age of AI Fountain: The Ultimate Benchmarks Report Marketo: The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing   Demo and Free Trial Landing Pages Achievers: Test Drive PlanGrid: Free Demo Clarizen: Free Trial   Competitor Landing Pages Teamwork LP: Asana Alternative SugarCRM: Why Sugar […]

  • Rethinking CAT – Core Almost Test

    The Core Almost Test Strategy (CAT Strat, affectionately known as the TACO strategy) effectively segments digital marketing campaigns based on lead generation, awareness, and sales velocity goals. Having managed this approach over the last three years, Obility has seen great success in hitting revenue and cost per opportunity (CPO) goals for our clients. However, in […]

  • Branded Campaigns are Not Lead Gen. Stop Treating Them That Way

    Branded campaigns (i.e. targeting your brand and product names on search) are not lead gen campaigns. Branded campaigns are defensive campaigns. Their purpose is to push down competitor ads and force competitors to pay more when targeting your customers and prospects. Your goal isn’t to hit below a target cost per opportunity; your job is […]