• Shorten That Sales Cycle Using Gmail Ads | B2B Secrets

    In the “B2B Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation Using Competitor Targeting”, our President & CEO Mike N reviewed a handful of ways we get in front of highly qualified prospects using competitor targeting. As Mike mentioned, competitor targeting is extremely effective because it allows us to get in front of prospects who are further down […]

  • Close Variants Update – Google Follows Up Slap in the Face with Hair Pulling

    Blog post co-authored by Max Hoffman and Mike Nierengarten Google’s latest announcement “Close variants now connects more people with what they’re looking for”  is just another step in Google’s continued land grab for advertisers’ cash. Mike previously wrote about Google essentially ending phrase and exact match in Google’s Slap in the Face. Google’s most recent […]

  • Proactive Negative Keyword Targeting

    Wasted spend is infuriating. No one enjoys opening up a search terms report and seeing hundreds of dollars spent on irrelevant keywords. Who knew so many folks were searching for “u pull it software” when you set out targeting “IT software”? While regularly reviewing search term reports at the keyword level will help address much […]

  • Expanded Ad Text: A Gift From the Heavens

    At the Google Summit in May, the search giant announced arguably the largest feature change in AdWords during the last several years – expanded character limits for text ads. No longer will a search marketer be constrained by one 25 character limit headline, but would now be given the ability to utilize two 30 character […]

  • Is It Time to Rethink Gated Content?

    The number 93 is haunting. 93% is the average number of visitors you lose in your paid search and social campaigns due to gating content. Surely, we can do better. With lead gen campaigns, we have been willing to trade over 90% of our traffic, traffic we paid for, in exchange for the ability to […]

  • Google Removes the Right-Rail Ads | The Greatest LP Test of all Time?

    I’m not going to lie, I’m getting tired of hearing about the removal of the right-side (right-rail) ads from the Google SERP – mostly because I’m not that concerned and I think this is a positive change that will benefit both Googlers [searchers] and advertisers alike. Going straight to the source, a quick Google search […]