• Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for B2B Companies?

    AMP is the latest Google-backed project aimed at improving user experience (UX), but is it something B2B companies need to be concerned with? What is AMP? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMPs are slightly altered versions of web pages designed to reduced loading time on mobile devices. Google officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile […]

  • Top 10 SEO Quick Wins for Any Website

    Not all SEO-projects are resource-heavy and time-consuming optimizations. Sometimes small SEO quick wins can have a big impact! Move Away from PDFs. PDFs are often full of valuable information for users and a great source of content for search engines. However, PDFs are not ideal for SEO. PDFs are often a dead end, meaning users might […]

  • How worried should SEOs be about Google’s new SERP?

    By now you’ve no doubt heard the news and seen the results of Google’s major change to its search engine result page (SERP). You may be running around like Chicken Little (but we wouldn’t recommend that). If you are an advertiser, you might see this as an opportunity, or you might just be thinking about […]

  • Strategy for a Successful Site Launch

    Preparation and Perspiration: Strategy & Hard Work Separate a Good Site Relaunch From a Bad Site Relaunch One of the most critical times for SEO on a B2B website is immediately after a site redesign, CMS change or major shift in content. At Obility we have been through a relaunch with nearly all of our […]

  • Saturating Core Terms in SEO

    One of our tenets at Obility is to saturate core campaigns. We believe strongly that if something is working effectively, we should maximize its potential. Once we have determined a campaign consistently drives marketing qualified leads, opportunity, and revenue, we are going to look for ways to maximize impact from that campaign. Saturating SEO campaigns […]

  • New Site Launch is the Perfect Time for SEO

    Redesigning a new site requires a ton of effort. A site redesign requires coordinating marketing teams, project managers, designers, and developers. It requires getting buy-off from multiple stakeholders across departments. A site redesign is a large and expensive undertaking, often pulling budgets from other marketing channels. Brainrider recommends a budget of $25,000-100,000 for a new […]