Expanded Ad Text: A Gift From the Heavens

At the Google Summit in May, the search giant announced arguably the largest feature change in AdWords during the last several years - expanded character limits for text ads. No longer will a search marketer be constrained by one 25 character limit headline, ...


Competitor Campaigns Crush It

Massively Higher Conversion Rate Obility recently compared client campaign performance versus the industry benchmark for B2B companies. In no surprise, Obility clients’ campaigns significantly outperform standard B2B paid search campaigns. But, not all campaigns are the same. Obility intentionally separates and categorizes campaigns as part of its


How Obility Compares to AdWords B2B Benchmarks

Have you ever wondered how your AdWords account stacks up against the competition? Seeing month-over-month improvements is great, but if you don’t know how you are performing relative to your competitors, you can’t see where you stand in the market. Wordstream


Is It Time to Rethink Gated Content?

The number 93 is haunting. 93% is the average number of visitors you lose in your paid search and social campaigns due to gating content. Surely, we can do better. With lead gen campaigns, we have been willing to trade over 90% of ...


Google’s SERP Changes: Maintaining PPC Performance in the B2B Landscape

On February 19th, SearchEngineLand confirmed Google will stop showing right-hand column paid search ads. In addition, they are going to sometimes show up to four paid ads in the top section of the SERP. Although this announcement comes as a shock to many advertisers,


Google Removes the Right-Rail Ads | The Greatest LP Test of all Time?

I’m not going to lie, I'm getting tired of hearing about the removal of the right-side (right-rail) ads from the Google SERP - mostly because I'm not that concerned and I think this is a positive change that will benefit both Googlers [searchers] and advertisers alike. Going straight to the source, ...


The Sky is Not Falling

Google's Latest Change Likely Not All that Dramatic for Paid Search Advertisers Google doesn't take large-scale decisions lightly. Google's move to remove side ads in desktop search results comes after a lengthy testing period. The search giant has been ...


Data-Driven Budget Planning

Campaign Categories When establishing a media budget for the year, many of our clients employ some time-honored strategies: We spent $100k on LinkedIn last year. Let's increase spend by 5% for this year Oh crap! We have leftover money from other departments, let's ...


The Case for One-Day Conversion Cookies

As B2B marketers, we need to face facts. We live in a B2C world. Ad networks simply understand targeting consumers better than they understand targeting businesses. Google's new features such as product feeds and mobile targeting primarily have the B2C ...


Bid Management But a Moment in Time

When speaking with prospects about Obility services, prospects frequently ask about bid management solutions and whether we use a particular tool. At Obility we manually manage bids, and occasionally this leads to push back. Potential clients are often surprised ...