Email Retargeting: An Effective Retargeting Niche

08.02.12 // Mike Nierengarten

As targeting becomes more sophisticated, you should consider how you segment retargeting audiences. Consider testing retargeting networks: AdWords display, Yahoo Plus, AdRoll, Bizo, etc., but also consider retargeting specific audience segments such as homepage and blog visitors, visitors from paid search, Twitter, or LinkedIn campaigns. Similar to search, retargeting campaigns should have multiple, segmented ad groups so that you can determine what audience segments are most effective. One of the most viable retargeting audience to test is email lists.

Email List Rentals

Typically, when you rent email lists, you only get one shot at generating a sale. If a user opens the email but doesn’t clickthrough to visit your site, you have effectively lost the opportunity to target that user without re-renting the email list. With email retargeting, by placing your tracking script in your emails, you get the opportunity to showcase your image or text ads to the rented email list on the retargeting network of your choosing.

If your initial email offer was not enticing enough to drive them to your site, potential follow up offers may be able to do the trick. Advertisers should create email retargeting offers with the original email offer in mind. If you originally offered a free guide in your email, consider testing an industry report or case study in your email retargeting campaign.

Email list rental retargeting will help you keep your company top of mind without having to consistently purchase the same email list.

In-House Email List

Studies have shown that email marketing to in-house email lists is one of the most effective marketing channels.  In-house email list participants have actively asked to hear updates and receive notifications of upcoming events or sales.  Why not provide them with updates on sites they visit around the web?

Regularly including retargeting script in your email newsletter will allow you to build a strong retargeting audience to market to.  Retarget your in-house email list when you launch a new product/service or are running a sale.  Doing so will help increase the odds of your email newsletter subscribers seeing your new product or service.

Again, email retargeting campaigns should be tailored to your specific audience.  Targeting an in-house email list is vastly different than targeting a rented email list.  Create ads and landing pages that coincide with your target audience.

Get ahead of the curve.  Diversify your retargeting methods, and make sure email retargeting is a part of your overall strategy.

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