B2B Approach to the Triple Threat Tools – Amazon, Facebook, and Google’s Latest Launches

Three of the biggest players in have recently introduced some impressive features. Google and Amazon’s continue the rise of custom feed strategy in their latest, while Facebook is ...


Obility Digital Trends – July 2017

July was a busy month for demand generation updates! Whatever happened to summer vacation? In this month’s edition of Digital Trends, we’ll discuss a number of Google AdWords updates, commiserate with Bing about the death of Campaign Planner, and discuss some marketing news from across the industry. Google AdWords ...


Obility Digital Trends – June 2017

In this month’s Digital Trends you will find new features for Bing Ads and LinkedIn, information about Google’s “Mobile First” website ranking, Moz’s new website crawler, and the third annual Marketing Loves Sales Conference. June seemed to be the month for many companies to roll out new features, and we ...


Obility Digital Trends – May 2017

We’re starting a monthly round-up of the most interesting digital marketing news from around the web. From Googles in depth Quality Score Reporting to exciting new targeting capabilities through LinkedIn, we saw some great stuff roll across our news feeds in May! Read below for our top digital marketing highlights: Gain Deeper ...


Obility Digital Trends – April 2017

We’re starting a monthly round-up of the most interesting digital marketing news from around the web. From Google’s death of exact match keyword type to new targeting features on LinkedIn, we saw a ton of digital marketing news in April. Read below for our top digital marketing highlights:


Expanded Text Ads – A Signal Alphabet Plans to Acquire Twitter?

In July, Google increased the length of their text ads to 140 characters, a number seemingly synonymous with Twitter. While Twitter's 140 limit stems from an obscure typewriter experiment by Friedhelm Hillebrand, Google's choice in character count is suspect. Why choose 140 characters as opposed to, ...


Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn a Possible Boon for Display Advertising

Microsoft has announced its plans to acquire LinkedIn, and the immediate question in the office becomes "will it work". To answer this, look to experts. A June 2016 Harvard Business Review article highlighted "companies who focus more on giving than on ...


LinkedIn Changes Course

18 months after the Bizo acquisition, following the launch of LinkedIn Lead Accelerator (LLA) and LinkedIn Network Display, LinkedIn has chosen to shift its strategy. LinkedIn will no longer accept new Lead Accelerator or Network Display clients after March ...