Content for Lead Gen

Content for Lead Generation

The goal of content for lead generation is to provide highly relevant, compelling content in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. Because lead generation content is often less focused on selling your solution or service, it is often prioritized lower than sales enablement and lead nurturing content. This results in content becoming a roadblock for successful lead generation campaigns. Content created specifically for lead gen campaigns that coincides with keyword and audience targets can significantly improve performance in paid search, social advertising, and retargeting campaigns. You should be building content specifically for lead generation purposes.

Content to Improve Campaign Performance and Lower Cost Per Lead

As part of Obility’s content for lead generation service, we perform a content gap analysis on existing lead generation campaigns to identify potential areas where a new more relevant offer (guide, industry report, analyst report, etc.) is recommended. Obility also tracks under-performing, typically non-compelling, offers that should be replaced. Following content gap analysis, Obility works to create new relevant, compelling content. Obility re-purposes existing client content and provides additional thought leadership to support the new offer. The result is an increase in new leads at a lower cost per lead.