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Paid Social Targeting, An Intro + Infographic

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a paid social tactician is, “How does this audience on {insert your social platform here} translate to {other social platform}? Which options exist to target

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Target Competitors and Drive High Quality Leads

Competitor campaigns are consistently some of the most effective campaigns B2B marketers can run. For B2B marketers with established competitors, competitor campaigns tend to perform as well as

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10 Ways to Promote Your Dreamforce Events Online

With only one month until Dreamforce and months of planning in the rear-view, meetings are set, company swag and team unis picked out, and press releases

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Email Retargeting: An Effective Retargeting Niche

As targeting becomes more sophisticated, you should consider how you segment retargeting audiences. Consider testing retargeting networks: AdWords display, Yahoo Plus, AdRoll, Bizo, etc., but also

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